Friday, September 24, 2010

Bonanzle Becomes Bonanza- New Name, New Look, New Sellers

Earlier this week ecommerce site Bonanzle surprised it's users with the announcement that the name would be changed to Founder Bill Harding stated that he had originally wanted to call the site bonanza, but the name had already been taken at the time. It recently became available, and he took the opportunity.

Along with the name change came the news that bonanza had also acquired artisan marketplace 1000 Markets. The merchants of 1000 Markets are being integrated into bonanza, which will bring many new high-quality handmade creations to the site.

bonanza also simultaneously rolled out a redesign, with simpler, cleaner graphics, and a new look for the home page. The hand-picked lists featuring user selected items now rotate, and the list of categories is now front and center for ease of use.

All old links will redirect to the new bonanza site, but we are transitioning to the new name (if I can just train my fingers to type an "A", instead of automatically hitting that "LE"!) My booth can now be found at

The site has been buzzing with activity since the announcements, and I hope you will come check it out and let me know what you think!